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VILLAGE arts and community project

By Jeanette Tapping, May 14 2020 12:29PM

Just thought I would share this article about a new exciting arts and community project by Simon Birch Dance supported by Arts Council England, FEAST Cornwall and the Hall for Cornwall.

About the Project:

VILLAGE is a creative community engagement project that will run for a 12-month period starting in May 2020 in Cornwall. It will be led by a team of professional artists from dance, music and visual art. The communities of five different geographical areas and different community groups will be invited to take part in a range of activities through which they will be able to share their thoughts, opinions and stories in order to reveal the many different ways communities are connected, especially during these challenging times. The aim is to include people of all ages. There will be a variety of ways for people to take part, and out of what they share will grow original pieces of, dance, music and visual art.

The VILLAGE project will initially be delivered online or through the help of community networks. The hope is that the voluntary and community sector in Cornwall; by using the volunteers who are at the grassroots of Covid-19 support; will help include those who are hard to reach, vulnerable and not on social media. If lockdown and/or social distancing continues, the entire project will be delivered in this way. However, it is hoped that over the year restrictions will be lifted so that in-person workshops and activities can take place. The project will culminate in an interactive performance and exhibition (either live or online, or both). The performance and exhibition will be inspired by what is gathered, shared and created by the artistic team and the participating members of the communities. The aim is to create artwork that speaks of all our experiences – artwork that inspires, challenges and moves people. There is also a desire to use the project to build and strengthen relationships between regional artists and local communities, promote the arts as a mechanism for expressing and sharing difficult issues and, in this instance, give voice to the challenges faced and the joys experienced by people living through these unprecedented times.

More information about SIMON BIRCH DANCE can be found at . Here you will find descriptions, films and images of past projects, as well as artist biographies.

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